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Deer Diaries, Ep. 163: Adrian Griff(w)in

Four wins in a row? Four wins in a row!

Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks

In the best week of the season so far for the Milwaukee Bucks, the team began to show signs of legitimate steps forward on both ends of the floor. Kyle Carr and I got together last night to talk about the promising trends — from Damian Lillard taking control as an offensive dynamo to slight (but possibly significant) changes to Milwaukee’s defensive priorities.

After that, we previewed the upcoming matchup against the Boston Celtics. We ask what we’re most looking forward to in this latest iteration of the rivalry and what the Bucks need to do, win or lose, to have us feeling confident that the past week was just a sign of greater things to come.

Plus, rapid fire, the Jae Crowder/Best Western connection, Bobby Portis’s undeniable value as a nightly bench spark plug, and more besides!

We encourage you, the listeners, to join the conversation in the comments below; if you want to come back after the Celtics game to give us your thoughts (since that analysis will make up the bulk of the next pod), please do so!

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