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Deer Diaries, Ep. 165: Sin City 1, Bucks 0

The Milwaukee Bucks/IST mashup was certainly one to remember

In-Season Tournament - Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Juan Ocampo/NBAE via Getty Images

Author’s/Producer’s Note: I’m aware of the continuing lack of updates to Deer Diaries’s Apple Podcast feed. I’ve been in touch with both Spotify (where we publish eps) and Apple support and continue to work to fix it. Sincere apologies to all the followers on that feed for the long delays.

The NBA In-Season Tournament is over. Long live the NBA In-Season Tournament!

And although the Milwaukee Bucks were unable to make it to the IST Finals, their semifinals performance against the Indiana Pacers gave Kyle Carr, Adam Paris and myself plenty to discuss. We chatted about a Milwaukee transition defense that is once again approaching historically-bad territory, the state of the wing rotation, the whelming rotation choices head coach Adrian Griffin has to make with his young players, Riley debuts his teased MMMR conspiracy theory in full, and we take the temperature on the cooked-ness of Khris Middleton’s defense.

All that, plus:

  • Paw Patrol: The Movie: The Kyle Carr Review
  • I talk about my Crossfield journal and attempts at starting a commonplace book
  • Adam gives us an update on the pulse of Athens, Georgia
  • Can — nay, should — we be encouraging a remake of the remake of Gilmore Girls?
  • And more!

While Apple has crapped out on us, we’ve still got the new episode available on Brew Hoop’s YouTube page:

It is also on Spotify:

And, universe willing, I’ll get an Apple Podcast link here soon.